The High Tops
Live at The Shoreditch
The High Tops
“I cannot recommend the The High Tops highly enough.
They got the whole wedding dancing like mad people.”
- David Hughes
“Everyone was dancing and singing along to those classic hits.
What a great gig! I can't wait for the next one.”
- Kathy Handler
“I think the dance floor at our Gala Ball gave a true representation of how good they were: people were spilling off it!
- Sophie Milward
The High Tops

Featuring some of the UK's most in-demand session musicians, The High Tops are a hard grooving 80s band whose dynamic show recreates the energy and optimism of the happiest, brightest, most colourful and outrageous decade of them all.

Their totally live arrangements of some of the catchiest tunes of the era incorporate the classic synthesizers, funky drums, bright guitars and soulful vocals that define eighties music. You will feel like you have travelled back in time and, most importantly, you will dance as if you have, because this band can lay down some heavy beats like they did back then.

So if you want to have some vintage fun, put on your leg warmers and your high-tops and let's get into the groove!

  • I Feel For You (C.Khan)
  • Ain't Nobody (C.Khan)
  • Wanna Dance With Somebody (W.Houston)
  • How Will I Know (W.Houston)
  • Let's Hear it For The Boy (D.Williams)
  • Candy (Cameo)
  • 1-2-3 (G.Estefan)
  • Rhythm Is Gonna Get You (G.Estefan)
  • We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off (J.Stewart)
  • Jump (Pointer Sisters)
  • All Night Long (L.Ritchie)
  • Dancing on the Ceiling (L.Ritchie)
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (C.Lauper)
  • 1999 (Prince)
  • Opposites Attract (P.Abdul)
  • Crush On You (The Jets)
  • Yes - Dirty Dancing Soundtrack (M.Clayton)
  • Holiday (Madonna)
  • Lucky Star (Madonna)
  • Escapade (Janet Jackson)
  • Another Part Of Me (Michael Jackson)
  • Stir It Up - Beverly Hills Cop Soundtrack (P.Labelle)
  • Roses Are Red (MAC Band)
  • Push It (Salt N Pepper)
  • My Prerogative (B.Brown)


We are available for any 80s themed events as well as general parties which require thumping, grooving, floor-filling live music.

Feel free to contact us using the form below and we will get back to you within a day. Alternatively call Ravi on 07906 052394.